Our Vision

To rise a new generation equipped with a quality education, leadership skills, National pride, innovation, Creativity, discipline, Character, Values and dignity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide better education that can bring up Creative minds and well-mannered citizens with life-long passion for learning, a strong sense of moral responsibility and a welcoming of diversity.

Core Beliefs

We believe that equitable opportunity is a fundamental value of a high-quality education, and that diversity is an asset to our school community.
Intellectual competence
Interest in life-long learning
Respect for diversity
Ability to be a reflective decision-maker
Collaborative and leadership skills
Understanding of learners
Commitment to professional activities

Student Care

Accepts applications from prospective parents throughout the year and those interested are encouraged to contact the school by way of telephone or e-mail by using the contact form to get information. In order to gain more insight into our program, parents should attend.
a school tour before applying.